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Photo: Studio Zahora , Cosp: Be•Twin Cosplay // Photo: A.Z.Production Cosplay Photography , Cosp: Fae La Blanche , Assist: Baum Photography

PixelMania2k19 is on!

#PixelMania2k19  is the fifth edition of international cosplay photography event organized by us, that will happen during 02-04.08.2019 in the city Lubomierz !

The main purpose of PixelMania is to gather fans of cosplay photography (photo/videographers, cosplayers, make up artists, volunteers, and reporters only) and allow them to focus on making the best cosplay photos and videos.

Imagine all the possibilities opening before you when more than hundred of talented people gather in one place surrounded by fantastic, selected locations! During 4 previous years, we scouted more than 80 beautiful places for photo shoots, including a massive dam, an abandoned factory, beautiful valleys and forests, the Japanese garden Siruwia, an old abandoned church (Pearl of Żeliszów) and the medieval castle Zamek Gryf .

During the last 4 years, we had more than 900 cosplayers and cosplay photo/videographers participating in this event. Some of them were promising beginners, some of them were worldwide known amazing creators.

PixelMania have an account on, so you can ask us anything there. You can find the answers to other questions on our Facebook page, Twitter or via e-mail

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