We would like to present our next special guest – NadiaSK 

Nadia Baiardi aka NadiaSK is one of the most famous Italian cosplayers around the world. What is more, she is also a costume designer and a fashion stylist.

To this day, she has made more than 100 costumes in the genres of anime, manga, comic books and of course video games – her greatest passion. Her intricate and rich creations have won awards and the worldwide recognition.

She is not only a cosplay model but also a real cosplay creator, giving her more possibilities. She has been invited to appear as a guest, panelist, judge, performer, and host to conventions and other events in Europe and around the world, including Mexico, USA, Canada, Japan, China, Costa Rica, Korea, Colombia, Brazil, EA, and Qatar.

As a cosplayer, she was hired by Ubisoft to portray Shao Jun from Assassin’s Creed China, Evie from Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, Sitara from Watch Dogs 2, Maria from Assassin’s Creed movie and Aya from Assassin’s Creed Origins. Furthermore, she was also hired by Blizzard to portray D.Va and Sombra from Overwatch, Joleera from World of Warcraft and Jaina from Hearthstone.

International Award
Italian representative Word Cosplay Summit 2008
3° Place World Cosplay Master 2011
1° Place World Cosplay Master Lisbon 2012
3° Place European Cosplay Gathering 2012
1° Place in CICAF 2012
Special Award World Cosplay Master 2012 Brazil
2° Place World Cosplay Summit 2014
Best Performance World Cosplay Summit 2014
2° Place on Anime International Monaco 2016
Italian representative European Cosplay Gathering 2016
Italian representative Anime International Monaco 2017
Italian representative European Cosplay Gathering 2018