#pmshareexperience from Michel Takuma Photography about Pearl of Zeliszow (Fundacja Twoje Dziedzictwo), with RenaCornelia Cosplay and The mysterious cosplayer

I was looking for a majestic and contrasty ambiance for Final Fantasy cosplays and as a lot of people talking about, I came to choose the Old Chapel Pearl Of Zeliszow. The day of the shoot, it was really cloudy and raining so to have an interior for the photo shoot was great. Only the ground floor of this place is accessible (for security reasons), and from there you get the insanely beautiful view of the whole chapel. The architecture was really nice that you could get more detail shots just like wider shots and still get beautiful results.
Note that the location was big enough that you can easily share a booked scheduled session with another photographer and cosplayer.

Be prepared: depending on the time of day, the weather, the light inside the chapel can be very different though you can use it to your advantage! For the photographers, some artificial lights can be really useful there. For the cosplayers, be careful if you have nice cosplays with long clothes on the ground if you don’t want to collect all the dirt.
Get ready as well to drive for 40-80 minutes from the school of Wleń to there.
And believe me, it’s worth the effort!