#pmshareexperience from Yumikasa Photography who will tell us something more about fire photo shoot and her favorite unofficial location 

Photoshoot with real fire was my dream for many, many years. Always when I wanted to do a photoshoot with fire I added it to my photos in postproduction. Not always it looks good. But the event in Wleń gave me this chance to try using real fire in my photos! The professional fire-couple team (Playing With Fire), with whom I cooperate here caused that I wasn’t afraid of me or cosplayers. We did these photoshoots in the middle of the night when was cold and dark. It was my first impression with fire-photoshoot but this professional team gave me a lot of advice and they looked us so we could take safe photos. It was an awesome experience! I would never think that these photos will be one of my favorite photo shoots from this event! I love it and I’m glad that organizer invites this team, the same give me a chance to do this in the safe area and under the supervision of a specialist!

Good places for photoshoots in Wleń are everywhere! They are around for You. Even ten meters from school – where You can sleep, at the gym – You can find amazing little old church. You can take here very different theme of photoshoots. I made two photoshoots, one of this was in this place because I didn’t have time for a longer trip. And guess what! Looks awesome! I don’t regret that I stay so close to the school. How You can see this place is good for a lovely photo shoot from the colorful game and for Victorian, dark and vampire theme!

Photographer: Yumikasa Photography
Cosplayer: Misch.Axel
Fire effects: Playing With Fire

Cosplayer: Coco Cosplay