#pmsharexperience from Velvet Art

About Castle Area / Lenno

Not everyone owns a car when arriving at Pixelmania, and even while it’s being advised to have one (really try to own one) this is the location to keep you busy for days!

I was one of those photo/videographers who arrived with a lot of cosplay friends in one car and they mostly had there schedules booked around and outside of Wlen.
So I decided to be more creative with maybe some smaller locations and I could never have thought that this was all I needed!

It really contained everything, greenhouse, gates, bridges, old houses, grasslands, old trees, castle and so much more to describe. It has for sure the best overall coverage spot, beside the massive and exotic locations you mostly see from this amazing event. Because it hides the magical castle at the very top!!!

Be prepared: Take note and bring some good shoes as cosplayer because the floor is a cobblestone floor and not high heels friendly!!!

Photographer: Velvet Art
Cosplayer: Shiro Cosplay
In Pałac Lenno – Pensjonat
Cosplayer: CAGE Costumes
Cosplayer: San-chi Cosplay