We want to announce registration for PixelMania 2k18!

The registration period is starting today and ends on 10.04.2018. We hope to announce the results within 3 days after the closing of the registration.
WARNING: You must be over 18 years old before 10.08.2018 if you want to apply.

https://BookMe.photo is not only application system for PixelMania. It’s primarily a platform that will help you find people for photoshoots. You will be able to arrange shoots, check potential locations, share your opinions and much more!

BookMe is still in its early stages, due to that only registration to system and PixelMania event is open. You cannot browse others’ profiles at this moment, it will be turned on at a later date.

We have also mobile apps, you can use to register for PixelMania thanks to A.Z.Production Cosplay Photography

In case of any questions, feel free to write to us on contact@pixelmania.photo or send us a message on social media.