SpirosK photography is talking about the Pałac Książęcy we Wleniu location, this year in PixelMania2k18!

This hotel originally built many centuries ago (of which original building a part remains) is a wonderful amalgam of various building trends from all the centuries it has existed in. Most specifically, you can find the following locations for shooting (going from the outside in):
1.) a wonderful green garden with stone benches
2.) a stone wall around said garden
3.) The exterior doors of the building are very beautiful
4.) The beautiful, full of wooden furniture, dining room (we shot the Witcher group there in 2016)
5.) Set of stairs, ranging from stone ones to marble ones
6.) Stained glass windows
7.) A huge hall on the first floor, with various beautiful furniture (consistently used for Anime-cosplay portraits)
8.) The room themselves have large windows and could be used for natural light indoor-portraits.
9.) A large gilded/decorated mirror on the hall of the 1st floor
and I am pretty sure I miss more stuff 

Conveniently located at the entrance of the village, a 5 mins walk from the school grounds, it makes for a beautiful location for any kind of portrait shoots. And did I mention it’s a GREAT place to live in while in Wleń? (and much cheaper than what its history would make you expect)

You can see the interior of this location in my album with Haylin Cosplay & Fashion & Design.

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