#pmshareexperience from Sayory from SaKiWerk 

Searching for a nice abandoned place for our God Eater cosplays, we found the church ruins on the location map. Only the name fits perfect for them because in the game you have a map with a church ruin. We drove there very early, to have a nice atmosphere and didn’t have to stand in the hot midday sun.

The street there was really good and it was on the way to the Perla of Zeliszow (if you want to combine two locations like we did). We drove to the church ruin about 25 min. Only one thing is important. Make sure your car has enough PS to drive up to the hill where the location is. We were very happy to have an SUV, but in front of us was a little VW Golf, which wasn’t able to drive up the hill. There was also a sign that says that the hill is very steep.

When we arrived we could park next to it in a gravel area. It’s big enough to park there 4-6 cars.
You don’t need to have extra walking shoes because you don’t have to walk far. The way to the church is out of grass and some stone path.

You have two big areas inside without a roof, two “darker” rooms with a window and a nice place between the church and a small chamber. It’s very big so you can split or can share it with another shooting group.

Also, a good thing is, that you have some sheltered possibilities if it starts to rain.

Edited pictures by Ben I Images
Cosplayer: SaKiWerk
Assistant: @MiuMoonlight & Melanie Finze Fotografie
Behind the scene pictures by Melanie Finze Fotografie