Meet our new media partner! 

Cosplay Mag is a French media company operated by TAKO STUDIOS, a non-profit organization.

Founded in 2008, Cosplay MAG was realized like a project by Florian Fromentin, French photographer in the domain of Cosplay. For the first time, Cosplay Mag was created with the aim to talk about all around of Cosplay.

This project was officialized later by Steeve Li & Katell A. in 2014 with the first video Cosplay MAG TV.

Our jobs? Share, Made, Discover, Learn the cosplay with everyone, by everyone.


Photographer: SpirosK photography
Cosplayers: Leobane Cosplay & Aokiji Cosplay
MUA : OsskA and Dorota’s Freaks

During FotoCon by Techland 2016 in Wleń