What will be this event without a little fire?
Nothing! That’s why let us introduce Playing With Fire

“We work with many cosplayers and photographers, adding fire to their sessions. Each time it was a different experience. You cannot prepare yourself for everything, but there are a few tips:
– be prepared that your cosplay or clothes can get dirty or even burned a little. 
– tell us about all of the easily melting materials used for cosplay (plastic, worbla, fabrics and so)
– be patient. Flames can change directions and ruin a photo, so it takes more attempts to do a nice picture.
– don’t be afraid to tell us you are afraid. We can change a method or vision. Or stop. Totally cool with it.
– not every place is suitable for fire shooting. Even if it looks perfect.
– We mostly shoot in the dark, so be prepared for cold, take a blanket. It’s funny, talking about the cold here, but the nights in Poland can be freezy.
This is only part of our fire experiences from photo events. Every session is a little bit stressful, a little bit crazy. We end black from fuel, smelling like a bbq, sleepy. But the effects are worth it ?

You can find them here:

Photographer: Studio Zahora
Cosplayer: Madlencia
 of course by Playing With Fire