Today is the last day of registration for PixelMania 2k18! 

You have a time till 23:59/10.04.2018 to apply to our event at

1. You have to register to BookMe system at
2. You have to fill your profile Menu->Edit profile
3. To join the PixelMania event -> go to the homepage of BookMe system, click Events-> PixelMania 2k18 -> Join, and fill the application

Video tutorial:…

If you don’t follow these steps (2&3), even if you are registered to BookMe system, you won’t be able to participate at PixelMania 2k18.

And we have around 70 people in total who registered but did not join the event (to each of them we already send a mail today).

Results will be announced in a few days from now.

Photographer: A.Z.Production Cosplay Photography
Cosplayer: Kamui Cosplay