Time to officially inform you about our host town, sponsor and partner –Gmina Wleń.

If not for Wleń municipality there would be no great events such as FotoCon and definitely, there would be no PixelMania. Thanks to them (and the administration of the school) we have our conplace Zespół Szkół im. Świętej Jadwigi Śląskiej we Wleniu, great locations including a medieval castle, and many other things to help us with the event.

So big thanks to Gmina WleńBurmistrz Miasta i Gminy Wleń Artur Zych, director of Zespół Szkół im. Świętej Jadwigi Śląskiej we Wleniu Wiesław Gierczyk and technical director of the same school Jerzy Skwarek for helping us to create these amazing events.