Ośrodek Jeździecki Stajnia Kasztelan was created in 2014 from passion, great dreams, stubbornness in the pursuit of the goal, and above all – a great love for horses.

An intimate equestrian center, located in the village of Czernica, 13 kilometers from the very center of Jelenia Góra (and around 6km from Wleń) is for many guesting people like a second home.

The most important are the animals from whom everything began. Together with the owners, they create a unique atmosphere of this place. Horses, dogs, cats, sheep, goats, chickens, geese – this place is like a real farm! At every step, you feel love for animals and you can really get “infected” with it. Stepping out from everyday life, the dizzying pace of life, where everyone will catch their breath, slow down and feel more, survive harder, break away from reality …
We invite you to a place on earth where time passes slowly and life focuses on what is really important.