PixelMania 2k18

PixelMania 2k18 summary:


Wleń is a picturesque small town in Lower Silesia (Poland) located in the Bóbr Valley Landscape Park and it has about 2000 inhabitants. There is no heavy industry which would pollute the atmosphere of this unique place. The beautiful green countryside and the ruins of the castle are very attractive to tourists.

Because it is a large protected area, the beauty of this place was preserved until today. Combined with the interesting scenery, it is perfect for all kinds of plein-air photography.


PixelMania 2k18 was an international cosplay photography event and took place in Wleń (Poland) between 10-12.08.2018.

Headquarters of PixelMania 2k18 were in the school in Wleń. Open-space accommodation was provided in many classrooms and many people used the school as the sleeping option. We served breakfast, dinner, and lunch in the school’s PE room (main living area) along with the BBQ party at the end of the Saturday. In the PE room, we also had the place to repair costumes and props, do makeup and charge your batteries. And indoor photo studios with Pixel Enterprise Limited who lends us X800 Pro flashes with triggers (for Canon, Nikon, Sony systems).

We had around 160 participants from 27 different countries including Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, USA, Canada, China, etc.

We had also opened a beta version of website platform especially for the event – https://bookme.photo – which will help you present your portfolio, meet your team, explore locations and organize photo shoots (right now you can register to the BookMe system and edit your profile).

Thank you Pixel Enterprise Limited for being our partner the third time in a row.

We would also thanks:
– Zespół Szkół im. Świętej Jadwigi Śląskiej we Wleniu thanks to them we had the operation base, and sleep for you guys!
– Bhiner X Cosplay X Taobao Agent for sending us their costumes so our participants could use them for photoshoots
– Gmina Wleń because the municipality of Wleń is co-financing PixelMania 2k18
– Fundacja Twoje Dziedzictwo for letting us use their perfect Pearl of Żeliszów (which still need money support!)
– Playing With Fire for real fire effects you will see in photos and videos
Kinga Kunz Makeup for helping cosplayers with their different and hard makeup
– Siruwia – ogród japoński w Przesiece for the amazing Japanese Garden that cosplayers loved
– Hodowla Alpak-Alpaki z Proszówki for their fluffy Alpacas
– Pałac Książęcy we Wleniu for the beautiful Palace and for the grill
– Ośrodek jeździecki Stajnia Kasztelan thanks to them it was possible to shoot with horses, and they would also need your support, they are taking care of abandoned animals (dogs, cats, etc)
– Wrocław – Mangowcy for big help during the event
– OKSiT Wleń for helping us with the stuff
– REBEL.pl for their great board games
Szkolne Schronisko Młodzieżowe w Łupkach for benches and barbecue tables
– The team that opened the castle for us for 3 days and 12h each day!

Special guests:

Leon Chiro

Leon Chiro

Leon Chiro is a professional cosplayer from Italy. He’s also well known as former Italian national champion athlete and photo model with a big passion for Videogames (Hardcore Gaming).

His cosplays are handmade by himself with the exception of some complicated sewing parts and his specializations are armors, weapons, accessories, and make-up.

During his physiotherapy and sports sciences’ studies, Leon trained enough to elevate himself to a national athlete level as he’s also a personal trainer with Calisthenics and Parkour skills. He is working hard every day to stay in a perfect shape.
All his cosplays are made with big passion, heart and artistic skill, something that made him become famous his “fomento” attitude: being and living full of energy and dynamism. He is also currently working for different brands like Ubisoft (Cosplayer), Cool2U (Community Manager), Cosplay Mat and CosAll (Testimonial).

Check out more about him:

• Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LeonChiroCosplayArt
• PATREON : https://www.Patreon.com/LeonChiro
• Deviantart: http://leonchirocosplayart.deviantart.com/
• Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/user/LeonChiroCosplayArt
• Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/leonchiro/
• Twitter : https://twitter.com/Leon_Chiro
• CosPro : http://cospro-agency.com/user/leonchiro/




For the first time in small Wleń, our next guest – Calssara 

Calssara is a cosplayer from Germany who loves to cosplay since 2004. She was Germany’s representative for World Cosplay Summit (WCS) in 2009 and 2011. Also, she represented her country in the European Cosplay Gathering (ECG), one of the biggest European cosplay competitions that take place in Paris on Japan Expo, and won the champion title in 2012 for her country with her Saber costume from Fate/Stay Night.

Calssara visited already 33 countries (Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom) on 3 continents with her costumes as cosplay judge, panelist and messenger.

In real life, she is a librarian, event manager, and passionate tea drinker. She is a very social and happy person who loves to meet new friends and supports cosplayers all over the world.

Photographer: Captured.


„Cosplay- and live action role play-photography is very diverse and I try to demonstrate that in my pictures. I tell stories and present the Cosplay characters in the perfect light. There were many popular faces of the Cosplay scene in front of my camera.
For me, it is mostly about impressive pictures. I love to work with the designs of the most talented costume makers all around the world…. And of course, I enjoy it!“

 Edit – eosAndy
RAW – Tobias Schmelzer


Nadia Baiardi aka NadiaSK is one of the most famous Italian cosplayers around the world. What is more, she is also a costume designer and a fashion stylist.

To this day, she has made more than 100 costumes in the genres of anime, manga, comic books and of course video games – her greatest passion. Her intricate and rich creations have won awards and the worldwide recognition.

She is not only a cosplay model but also a real cosplay creator, giving her more possibilities. She has been invited to appear as a guest, panelist, judge, performer, and host to conventions and other events in Europe and around the world, including Mexico, USA, Canada, Japan, China, Costa Rica, Korea, Colombia, Brazil, EA, and Qatar.

As a cosplayer, she was hired by Ubisoft to portray Shao Jun from Assassin’s Creed China, Evie from Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, Sitara from Watch Dogs 2, Maria from Assassin’s Creed movie and Aya from Assassin’s Creed Origins. Furthermore, she was also hired by Blizzard to portray D.Va and Sombra from Overwatch, Joleera from World of Warcraft and Jaina from Hearthstone.

Kamui Cosplay

Kamui Cosplay

Svetlana Quindt (Kamui Cosplay) started more than 13 years and now she is a well-known costume designer and cosplayer from Germany. Svetlana created many award-winning costumes and is also an author of popular series of cosplay instructional books that have become the entry point for many cosplay newcomers.

Studio Zahora

Studio Zahora

This amazing duo from Poland should be well known to every cosplayer in Europe. They started with as convention photo studio in 2008 and until today they have been cosplay judges, had photography workshops and many discuss panels. They are also winners of photo contest at Phocus at CUSplay Pisa and Warsaw Comicon.