Registration is CLOSED

Registration for PixelMania 2018 is CLOSED. Subscribe to our Facebook page and Twitter or check our site frequently for the updates.

Registration has ended 10.04.2018. After that, we will announce participants of PixelMania 2018 in Wleń. If you are accepted, you will be able to access our photo shooting management website with event functions, and come to the event. You can bring an accompanying person with you (driver, helper), but you must notify us about him/her beforehand (write us a casual e-mail). Accompanying persons can’t cosplay or work as a photographer/videographer during the event.

The maximum number of participants we can accept is 150. Over the past years we received much more applications, so you will have to pass our selection. Our team of experienced photographers and cosplayers along with organizers will conduct the participant selections. You can be sure it will be fair and square.