Photo: Studio Zahora , Cosp: Be•Twin Cosplay // Photo: A.Z.Production Cosplay Photography , Cosp: Fae La Blanche , Assist: Baum Photography

#PixelMania2k19  was the fifth edition of international cosplay photography event, that happend 02-04.08.2019 in the city Lubomierz !

We had participants from exactly 31 countries, and we would like to thank:

  • Many thanks to our partner Pixel Enterprise Limited for their faith, support, huge commitment to this event and saving those participants who needed additional flashes and LED lights for various reasons. Be sure to check what miracles you can find in their store.
  • We would like to thank the city of Lubomierz, the mayor of Lubomierz Marek Chrabąszcz, the chairman of the city council of Lubomierz Michał Pater and the director of the culture center in Lubomierz Bogusław Chrzan for such a warm welcome this year, and for all the help they provided. Thank you!
  • Thank you to the Internat Zespołu Szkół w Lubomierzu, especially Edward Korecki for the great commitment, help, and support during the event. It was a pleasure.
  • Many thanks to the mayor of the city of Gmina Leśna Szymon Surmacz, for offering us cooperation and sharing such an extremely fascinating location as DOLWIS.
  • Many thanks to the Malinowy Zakątek for contacting us and offering Czechoslovakian wolfdogs for photoshoots. Thanks to you, our participants had a chance to feel what it's like to have a wolf at a photo session.
  • What would photos be without fire? We will not find out thanks to Playing With Fire, who came this year also to teach us how to work with fire.
  • Beautiful abandoned church? Only thanks to Fundacja Twoje Dziedzictwo and their amazing Pearl of Żeliszów.
  • Japanese garden in the Mid-European mountains in a small country? Siruwia - ogród japoński w Przesiece
  • Medieval castle only a few kilometers from HQ? Zamek Gryf delivered the most beautiful ruins we have ever seen!
  • Sweetest and fluffiest alpacas you have ever seen? Hodowla Alpak-Alpaki z Proszówki is your place!
  • Do you want the opportunity to take pictures with majestic and proud animals like horses? Only at Stajnia AgroKonie!
  • 400 years old palace filled up with antics for photo shooting? Pałac Książęcy we Wleniu is your thing.
  • Do you have problems with your dogs? Or maybe a wolfs? Waldemar Leszczyński is your guy! This dogologist can do miracles with wolfdogs!
  • Need a place to stay and find yourself in a small mini-castle? Zbójna Debra is waiting!
  • Coffee, apple pie and small old Belweder? Pałac Lenno - Pensjonat.
  • Big thanks also to firefighters in Lubomierz OSP KSRG Lubomierz and in Leśna @Ochotnicza Straż Pożarna w Leśnej for their help and understanding.
  • Beautiful palace complex with a fountain, pool and a lake? Only at the Pałac Wojanów

And the last, but not least, big thanks to our volunteers. Without them, this event would never happen. Without their help, hard work, passion, and creativity in solving even the hardest problems - PixelMania would never happen.

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Photos made during #PixelMania2k19: