#PixelMania2k18  was the fifth edition of international cosplay photography event, that happend 10-12.08.2018 in the city Wleń.

I need to thank our participants, which came here from 27 different countries including Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, USA, Canada, China, etc. And to all the people who helped us organizing PixelMania 2k18 and the one who came help us during the event. Thank you, Rafał Feliks Janicki and zombie volunteers!

Thank you Pixel Enterprise Limited for being our partner the third time in a row and for amazing flashes and lights that our participants had the possibility to test. 

We would also thanks:
Zespół Szkół im. Świętej Jadwigi Śląskiej we Wleniu thanks to them we had the operation base, and sleep for you guys!
Bhiner X Cosplay X Taobao Agent for sending us their costumes so our participants could use them for photoshoots 
Gmina Wleń because the municipality of Wleń was co-financing PixelMania 2k18
Fundacja Twoje Dziedzictwo for letting us use their perfect Pearl of Żeliszów (which still need money support!)
Playing With Fire for real fire effects you will see in photos and videos
- @kingakunzmakeup for helping cosplayers with their different and hard makeup
Siruwia - ogród japoński w Przesiece for the amazing Japanese Garden that cosplayers loved
Hodowla Alpak-Alpaki z Proszówki for their fluffy Alpacas 
Pałac Książęcy we Wleniu for the beautiful Palace and for the grill 
Ośrodek jeździecki Stajnia Kasztelan thanks to them it was possible to shoot with horses, and they would also need your support, they are taking care of abandoned animals (dogs, cats, etc) 
Wrocław - Mangowcy for big help during the event
OKSiT Wleń for helping us with the stuff
REBEL.pl for their great board games
- Szkolne Schronisko Młodzieżowe w Łupkach for benches and barbecue tables
- The team that opened the castle for us for 3 days and 12h each day!

Photos made during #PixelMania2k18:

We’re trying to make the best non-profit event dedicated to cosplay photography. And if you want to help – buy us a ko-fi or add to zrzutka. 🙂