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PixelMania is an international cosplay photography event with the purpose of gathering fans of cosplay photography and allow them to focus on making the best cosplay photos and videos.

#PixelMania2k20 will take place in Palace Wojanów (Poland) between 14-16.08.2020.
Start: 14:00 14.08.2020
End: 11:00 16.08.2020

No. #PixelMania 2k20 is a register and invite only event. That means you need to be invited or pass the registration to be a participant.

#PixelMania2k20 is not a place for random people, we accept only photo/videographers, cosplayers, makeup artists, volunteers, and reporters.

Registration will be available at https://BookMe.photo between 01.10.2019 and 31.12.2019.

No. PixelMania is a non-profit event but we have fees for participating to cover the running costs,

Regulations of the event >http://pixelmania.photo/regulations.pdf<. The privacy policy of the event >http://pixelmania.photo/privacy.pdf<.

All participants will be provided with bed to sleep in Palace Wojanów, our HQ.

We provide: breakfast (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and dinner (BBQ style) between 17:00 and 21:00 on Friday, and 17:00 and 24:00 on Saturday.

During the event, the snacks will be available all time in the dining room (toasts, pancakes, etc).

Yes, it will be possible for additional cost.

During all these years we scouted many beautiful places for photo shoots, including a massive dam, an abandoned factory, beautiful valleys and forests, the Japanese garden Siruwia, an old abandoned church (Pearl of Żeliszów) and a medieval castles. Also Palace Wojanów is one big location for shooting - it includes palace rooms, ballrooms, underground, pool, park, forest, river, and many other.

Map will be available for participants.

It's recommended to use your own or rental car because it makes the journey and traveling among locations much easier, but it's not necessary.

Some locations are close to the main event area, but some are rather far. A few taxi-helpers will do their best to deliver and pick you up on time. Please note that due to high demand and the distance of locations there might be a lack of taxi-helpers.

You can bring an companion with you (driver, helper, etc), but you must notify us about him/her beforehand (write us a casual e-mail - with real name, b-date, phone number and information if you can sleep in double bed or need separate beds - at companion@pixelmania.photo). Companions can't cosplay or work as a photographer/videographer during the event. There is additional cost for companion.

No. Each of you needs to have a separate account due to the regulation law in Poland. But if you can't go separately, you can add this in information in "Why me?" label during joining the event on BookMe platform.

It is extremely important to tag our event or add a hashtag #pixelmania2k20 and #Myslakowice into the description. Thanks to that our event can have a chance for more sponsors. With more sponsors, we can offer you better event.